Gimnazija Novo mesto

Novo mesto Grammar School is a secondary school with a general and classical education program, which offers its students a broad general education. As a grammar school, we prepare our students for general education and for further study at various faculties. We teach mathematics, philosophy, languages, art and various scientific and social sciences subjects. Our strongest fields are mathematics, chemistry and languages. As a school, in the 2018-2019 school year, we introduced non-formal teaching methods in the so-called ‘interdisciplinary thematic sections’ (ITS). The focus of these courses is on teamwork, problem learning, learning to learn, authentic learning, developing entrepreneurial, digital and
civic competencies, and project work. ITS is not focused on the teacher, but on the student. The teacher does not act as a lecturer and knowledge provider, but as a mentor and advisor. We also evaluate ITS, but in a completely different way. We use formative monitoring, but not standardized tests.

In addition to its regular courses, Novo mesto Grammar School offers various electives, such as chemical research, botany, astronomy, physical safe, reading club, debate club, robotics, environmental protection and entrepreneurial activities. Students participating in these extracurricular activities regularly participate in local, national, European and global competitions, where they always reach the highest places. 

We also participate in teacher and mentor training programs. Together with the National Public Agency for the Promotion of Entrepreneurship Spirit and the Regional Development Centre Novo mesto, we organized teacher training weekends for entrepreneurship and entrepreneurship workshops, where we used to inform other teachers and transfer knowledge and competences in the field of entrepreneurship through informal learning. We also assisted in their training in problem-based learning, project work. We also trained them for formative monitoring and for the introduction of flipped classroom.

Mission and vision

As one of the oldest schools in Slovenia, Novo mesto Grammar School has a rich tradition of general education institutions and prepares high school students for further study. The gymnasium program in general and sports department, as well as the classical gymnasium program implemented at the Novo mesto Grammar School, are intended for all those who wish to obtain a balanced general education, finish their matriculation and continue their education at the desired college. Caring for the quality of educational work and for the progress of each individual, keeping up with the news and updating programs, the diverse offer of extracurricular activities, where students acquire knowledge through informal forms of learning, create the conditions for good mutual relations and success of all students. Humanity, professionalism, responsibility and cooperation are the principles on which the school builds a creative and friendly environment that offers the individual opportunities for comprehensive personal development.

The Novo mesto Grammar School is currently attended by about 630 students, with about 80 staff members.

Gimnazija Novo mesto
Seidlova cesta 9, 8000 Novo mesto, Slovenia
Contact person: Polonca Centa
: +386 7 371 8516