I. M. Panagiotopoulos School

Founded in 1891, I. M. Panagiotopoulos School is one of the oldest institutions in Greece and ranks among the top choices for parents for the education of their children. The school has taken its name after its former owner I. M. Panagiotopoulos, who was an acclaimed philologist and author, awarded an honorary doctorate by the School of Philosophy of the University of Athens.

Our main aim is to create lifelong learners, responsible global citizens and independent confident adults. Thus, we strive to support each individual student throughout their school years and help them reach their full potential and develop academically, spiritually and morally. We encourage our students to become active members of society, critical thinkers and boldly make their own mark in the world.

We have a Pre-school/ Nursery / Primary/ Junior High and Senior High School with students aged 3 – 18.

Our curriculum encourages team work and self-expression in order for our students to become successful, independent and group-work members. It is continuously reviewed and adapted to ensure that our students receive the most contemporary teaching methods.

Our school incorporates technology in classrooms with the use of computers, projectors, interactive boards, interactive multi task screens, iPads and a 3D printer.

We promote hands-on learning with four stem and robotics labs where the students work with a variety of learning tools e.g. Lego Education robotics kits, BBC microbit, Arduino and others.

Since we believe that the future that awaits our graduates is the competitive global market, our graduates are prepared with the skills and knowledge required to choose to either continue their studies in the Greek Education System or pursue an International Education path. Our school ensures that students graduate with all the necessary skills required to live and operate in an international environment.

Through our cooperation with the British Council, English has now become second nature to our students as, from their early years at the nursery school, they are taught English in a creative and supportive atmosphere. At the age of eight, our students can additionally choose either French or German. To sum up, our school focuses a great deal on languages and teaching the respective cultural aspects attached to each one as we promote respect for diversity and tolerance.

We ensure that our students participate in national and international debates, projects and partnerships with international schools. We also run exchange programmes with schools around the world and organise educational trips.

Moreover we carry out extra sports events, school visits to theatres, exhibitions and museums, to enrich our students’ exposure to the Arts and Sports since we believe that through these, our students learn many important life skills and achieve a well-balanced life.

The implementation of CLIL throughout the school benefits our students and enables them to take advantage of the connections between language (English) and specific subjectrelated content to improve the efficiency of pedagogy.

I. M. Panagiotopoulos School
N. Milisi 3, 15351 Pallini, Greece
Contact person: Faidon Zaras
E-mail: faidon.zaras@gmail.com
: +30 694 361 4696
Web: https://www.impanagiotopoulos.gr